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From: Brent Crouch
Thursday, 6:11 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Many of you have written and asked me about affiliate opportunites for the Jillian Entertainment CD & DVD Directory. I've been interested in creating an affiliate program for quite a while, but I didn't want to create an average affiliate program. I wanted a program that would use the most current tracking methods to make sure you were paid for every sale you generated. I also wanted a program that would be easy to manage by me and easy to use for my affiliates.

It took me a few months and a several failed attempts, but I finally found a program that provided everything to make the Jillian Entertainment Affiliate Program Successful for my affiliates.

You see, most affiliate programs only use one tracking method. If you refer a sale and that one tracking method fails, you never get paid your commission. I didn't want to see that happen to my affiliates.

The program I found uses the most Sophisticated Double Tracking Method to make sure YOU GET PAID FOR EVERY SINGLE SALE YOU REFER. You don't have to worry about the program missing one of your sales.

Some affiliate programs make you wait for weeks or months to be paid for your sales, or they have large minimum payouts. This is not the case with my program. I don't have any minimum payout, and we cut checks twice a month! You'll never have to wait for your commission checks!

Most affiliate programs try every way possible to keep from paying commissions. I have the opposite view. My goal is to average a pay out of $2,000 a month in commissions within 3 months! I want to pay you commissions! Obviously, if you are earning commissions, you are referring sales! Your success is my success! In order to have a successful affiliate program, you need to have successful affiliates.

I am dedicated to doing everything I can to making your affiliate business a success. Most affilates programs forget about you and never provide any follow up or support after the sign up. I want to do everything possible to help you succeed.

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need a website. Most people have no idea how to build a website, or don't think they can afford one. I am so dedicated to your success, I'LL BUILD A WEBSITE FOR YOU AT NO COST to market my program. I only ask that you use my link and sign up with an account with my hosting company. If you are interested in having me build a website for you at no cost, please contact me at Brent@JillianEntertainment.com.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you. Let me know if I can help, or if you have any questions.


Brent Crouch

P.S You can sign up for my affiliate program at the following link.

Click Here for the Affiliate Sign Up Link

Jillian Entertainment Affiliate Sign Up FAQ

What is the link to sign up with your affiliate program?

You can sign up for my program at the following link:
Click Here for the Affiliate Sign Up Link

How much will I make on each sale?

I will pay you a 50% commission on every single sale you refer to my website. Currently the directory sales for $29.95, so you'll make $15 on every sale you refer!

How often do you cut checks?

I cut checks on the 1st and 15th of every month.

What kind of conversion ratio do you have?

I am constantly tweaking my website to obtain the highest conversion ratio possible. I currently have a conversion of 2 - 3% on targeted traffic.

How do you know when I make a sale?

When you sign up for my affiliate program, you will be given a unique link to promote my program. Anytime an someone clicks on your link, my software will write a cookie to that persons computer letting me know the click came from you. As a backup feature, the software also records the IP address of the person that clicked your link. When ever a sale is made, my software checks the cookie on the users computer to determine who's link it was generated from. As a backup, it checks the IP address to see if it was previously recorded. This double tracking method ensures you will be paid for all sales that generate from your link!

How can I promote your product?

I am currently working on an affiliate resource center to provide you with the tools and information you need to be a successful affiliate. There will be a lot of information available there, and I'll let you know when this portion of the website is open.

Will you really build a website for me to promote your product?

Yes, if you sign up with my hosting provider, I will create a website for you at no charge. There are many benefits to having a hosting account, and the cost is less than $8 a month. Please contact me by email if you are interested in this option.


Are you signed up with Click Bank?

Yes, if you are a currently a Click Bank affiliate, you can promote my product using the following link. You just replace the word AFFILIATE with your Click Bank Nick Name.


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